Your Emotional Magnetism
Controls Everything In Your Life

Here's How To Take Charge Of It
To Start Getting What You Want

And To Stop Getting What You Don't Want

From: Mark Ivar Myhre,
Emotional Healing Coach


Imagine what it's like when nothing pushes your buttons.

You found your inner strength.  Nobody knocks you off center.  You laugh when others try to manipulate you.  Because you're connected to a solid core inside you that won't allow yourself to be controlled by anybody.

And it was so easy to reclaim your power.

Sound like a dream?  It is.  But it's also a reality waiting to happen.

All thanks to your emotional magnetism.

I call it 'emotional magnetism' but words fall short to explain this natural ability everyone has to create the life of their choosing. You have to experience it for yourself.

So why aren't we using it already?

The fact is, we're using this very power against ourselves every day. That's how life becomes stressful and out of control.

Here's what happened:

fade-leftfade-rightThe World Separates Us From Our Power

You came here to earth with an emotional heart wide open.  But you quickly learned you had to close off your heart.  You learned feelings are bad and wrong and you're not supposed to even have them.

Everywhere you looked in the world, you were given the message to not feel.

'Good little girls don't get angry.'

'Big boys don't cry.'

The unspoken belief says 'Don't Feel No Matter What'.  Don't feel your feelings if you want to be part of society.  If you want to belong you must deny your feelings.

But there's a price to pay.

A massive torrent of energy flows into you every second of every day.

Out of this energy, we think our thoughts and feel our feelings.

You already know about the 'stream of consciousness'.  We can't stop thinking.  We can't shut off the thought process for more than a few seconds.

Well, there's also a stream of feeling.  That's the part we shut down.  Or try to, anyway.

Actually, we can't shut off the feelings.  All we can do is put a wall around our heart, so the energy can't flow into it.

fade-leftfade-rightYour Emotional Heart Processes Your Feelings

You have an invisible heart inside you.  An 'emotional' heart.  Every bit as real as the muscle that pumps blood through your body.

You have a heart, designed to process the energy that flows into it.

Just as blood flows to the physical heart to be oxygenated and relieved of carbon dioxide, so your emotional heart changes the energy that flows through it.

Or that's how it's supposed to work, anyway.

When you allow your emotional heart to do its job, life becomes joyful and fascinating.  You feel ALIVE in a way that defies description.  It can only be experienced.

Only problem is, you don't get to experience it.  You had to shut down, remember?  You had to protect your heart.  You had to block your feelings. To survive... to fit in...

Just like everybody else.

fade-leftfade-rightWhat Causes Stress

From the moment we made the decision to deny our feelings so we could fit in, we were destined to live a stressful life.

We blocked off our hearts to try not to feel.  But that creates a dilemma.  Because we NEED to feel.

We have an innate need to feel love.  But we also have a powerful urge to block all feelings.

On the one hand, we have a human need to feel.  On the other hand, we do everything we can to NOT feel.

These two opposing forces create stress.

But that's not all.  When we don't allow ourselves to feel, we separate from our feelings, which are a part of us.

Separation creates pain.  Pain leads to violence.

Pain and violence are attempts to at least feel something... so great is the need to feel.

The emotional hunger people feel inside causes them to lash out.  They don't even know why.  They THINK they know.  And that leads us to the second half of the predicament we find ourselves in.

fade-leftfade-rightHow We Block Our Feelings

Because the force of energy flowing into us is so powerful, it takes an equally powerful force to block that energy from entering our hearts.

We used the very energy we didn't want to feel, as the bricks and mortar to build the wall around our hearts.  Just like when you cut your finger. The blood itself coagulates to stop the bleeding.


 The wall around our heart consists of intense stories that we made up about our feelings.


Can you think back to when you were two or three years old?

That's when you started telling yourself stories about your emotions.  That's when you started shutting off your heart.

You were quite powerful back then, at three years old.  Because you were in touch with a powerful flow of energy.  And you used that energy to create intense stories. Which blocked your feelings from entering your heart.

The stories we tell ourselves must be repeated over and over to have any impact.  You can't just tell yourself a story one time, and have it stick.  No.

You repeat the story, and you add intensity to it.  You give the story dimension.  You make it real.  You feed it.  You FORCE it into existence.

You worked very hard to build a wall around your heart.  You had to. It wasn't easy.  The wall you created consists of INTENSE thoughts and feelings.  Almost as if your life depended on shutting down your feelings.

Because these stories hold so much of our intensity, they become like powerful magnets that influence our reality.

fade-leftfade-rightHow Others Push Our Buttons

If you want to reduce stress and take charge of your reality, then you must start seeing the stories you're telling yourself every day.  Here's an example:

Has anyone ever made you angry?

Guess what.  That's a story.  It's impossible for one person to 'make' another person feel anything.

Oh, they can push your buttons.  Even do it on purpose.  But those are YOUR buttons!  And if you weren't telling yourself anger stories, you would have no buttons and you could laugh off their clumsy attempts to manipulate you.

Those 'anger stories' you feel today, by the way, probably started when you were very young.  The roots of your emotional hot buttons grow deep.

The good news: once you free-up the energy in the stories, your life starts changing with little or no effort on your part.

When stories end, magic begins.  True magic.  Where synchronicities and good fortune 'just happen'.  A life filled with adventure and love and fascination where you can't wait to engage your day.

Others may see you living an ordinary life.  But to you, it's beautiful and filled with an indescribable richness.  Because real magic isn't found in the illusion.  It's found in the depths of your being.

A magical life comes from combining:

  • the full depth and breadth of your feelings
  • with empowered choice. 

(What 'being in control' really means: that you're able to make empowered choice.)

Right now, however, the stories won't let you do that.

fade-leftfade-rightStories Turn Into Mental Constructs

Through repetition, stories become 'mental constructs'.  And it's the mental constructs we end up feeling, rather than the pure emotion itself.

For example, when you think of a scary future event, what happens?  Most people start to feel fear somewhere in their body.

If you look closely, you'll be able to notice where in your body you feel the fear.  Oftentimes, it's somewhere in the torso... the stomach or the heart.

You're feeling a mental construct that's stuck in your body.  It's not flowing through you like emotional energy wants to do.  Instead, it's static.  Because you're holding it in place.  That's what stories do; hold things in place.

Oh, but the fear in your body sure seems like real emotion!  It seems awfully intense.  And it's no wonder you'd want to shut it out, shut it down, make it go away.  Because it's unpleasant and uncomfortable and downright painful.

Plus, we tend to act melodramatic, in a failed attempt to squeeze the mental construct out of us, like toothpaste.  But if melodrama worked, well, we'd all be feeling pretty good by now, wouldn't we?

Imagine.  Our intensity gets locked up in our stories which have morphed into mental constructs.  In a sense, it's like we've created a Frankenstein's monster.

Mental constructs become our buttons that others can push.  And we have to live our lives trying not to bump into them.

But our buttons keep getting triggered, don't they?  Other people keep pushing us into our own mental constructs.  They don't even realize they're doing us a favor!

fade-leftfade-rightYour Self-Correcting Mechanism

Our emotions and our heart function together like a self-correcting mechanism.

If we would FEEL the true emotional energy, in our heart, then the energy would be processed and it would change, and WE WOULD FEEL BETTER.

Because when you feel anything in your heart, it raises your resonance.

Our buttons would heal themselves if we would truly allow our feelings into our hearts to be processed.

But instead, we get stuck in the stories.

"You made me angry!"

As if that were even possible.

When you get stuck in stories, nothing changes.  It's the same old boring energy.

But because there's so much of our intensity in those stories, they act as an invisible magnet.  Have you even noticed?  Angry people always find something to be angry about.  Some people even believe the world is against them.

NO!  The world is FOR you.  The world is trying to help you heal your buttons. It's trying over and over and over again.


If you're filled with frustration, you're going to keep creating things to be frustrated about.  NOT as punishment.  But as an opportunity to heal that frustration.


Your emotional magnetism functions as a self-correcting mechanism.  Trying to stop it is like trying to stop gravity.

The good news is, you don't have to try to stop it.  You can work with it, instead.  It's not hard.  In fact, it's surprisingly easy.

fade-leftfade-rightHow's Emotional Magnetism Working For You Now?

Do you really have to fight the world?  Do you really have to struggle?  Or can you live a life where you're safe, secure, and loved?

I say you can.  You can enjoy a rock solid safety and security that nothing in this world can touch.  You can be loved, REALLY loved.  And that love can change you.

There's no shortage of love on this planet.  There's just a whole bunch of individuals who've shut love out of their lives.  Like submarines in the ocean, we're surrounded by love.  But if we're inside a submarine, we can never touch the water.

So how's it going in your life?  Are you in touch with the love?  Can you feel it?  Or do you feel little more than your own stories?

Most people, having shut down their hearts at an early age, can only feel the pain of their stories.

What's going to happen if you don't change?  Are things going to work themselves out?  Will your buttons all disappear on their own?  Or do you think maybe you can avoid pushing them for the rest of your life?

fade-leftfade-rightYou Will Never Stop Attracting Things Into Your Life

You've got a powerful emotional magnetism inside you.  And it's not going to stop functioning.  It's a self-correcting mechanism.  It WON'T stop.  It will always try to get you to deal with your emotions.

Just like a magnet will never stop attracting iron.

How long can you go without dealing with your emotions in a healthy way?  How much longer can things continue as they are?

Your emotional magnetism was not designed to make you miserable.  It was designed to lift you higher and higher into a life of your choosing.


What if feeling love and joy and abundant success were as easy as feeling fear and anger and frustration?


Can you imagine what your life would be like if your emotional magnetism were bringing you the energies of your choosing?

If you clear out the gunk and the junk inside, you won't have to imagine.  You can live it instead.

If this holds any appeal to you, then I have some good news.  You don't have to keep living a stressful life that seems beyond your control.

You don't have to use your own power against yourself.  And you don't have to wonder how much worse things will get if you don't make some changes.

fade-leftfade-rightYou Can Turn Things Around Starting Today

Here's how:  with a private, one-on-one phone conversation where you and I get together and look at exactly how to reduce the stress and take control of your life.

I'm offering you a chance to get on the phone and talk with me.  Together we'll uncover the specific energies holding you back.

I'll give you specific technique to change your emotional magnetism so you can use it to attract what you want in your life instead of what you don't want.

We'll develop a plan tailored just for you.

And after our talk, you will:

  • discover exactly what it takes to reduce the stress in your life
  • eliminate the emotional hot buttons so others will no longer be able to manipulate you
  • use your emotions in a positive way
  • neutralize the stories that block the free flow of life-healing energy into your heart

And you will also:

  • emerge from the call with a renewed sense of purpose
  • gain a crystal clear vision of what's holding you back and what it will take to achieve your goals
  • revive the ultimate dream for your life and know how to achieve it

Why should you listen to me?Mark-Ivar-Myhre-emotional-healing-coach

Working with emotions is my life's work.

After spending over 40 years practicing meditation and exploring altered states of consciousness, I’ve learned the short cuts to crafting the life you want to live.

I’ve done the hard work for you, by investing many thousands of hours getting to know the unseen energies inside us all.

One of my books, The Emotional Healing Quick Start Guide, has been used by over 35,000 readers to help heal their emotional pain.

I've received hundreds of letters from people telling me how much my information has changed their lives.

Here's what a few people have to say about how I've helped them:

Hey Mark, I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. One tip alone essentially got me through it all.

Jill Arsenault, Hampton, New Brunswick

Dear Mark,
Thank you! Thankyou so very much! You have come to my rescue so many times. So often just at the right moment, almost as if you know my need.

With love and gratitude,

B.W. from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Mark,

Your upbeat nature and coaching are very inspirational.

Your views are a lot softer than Dr. Phil and are more comforting. Thank you for sharing.


Kristina Lukowski

Dear Mark,

I need to start by thanking you. Not only have you helped me start putting my own life back on track, but thru your encouraging words and wisdom, I have been able to help a young man with a serious drug problem. I would like to take the credit for him turning around but a lot goes to you.

You are planting seeds of hope in all who read and share your inspirations. So thank you, Mark.

C. Beebe Spokane WA, USA

Often times, when I talk to someone on the phone, I can see their blockages and describe what they look like.  This alone can give you a huge leg up when it comes to knowing exactly what you need to do to move forward.

Most importantly, I've learned...

fade-leftfade-rightIt's Easy To Direct Your Emotional Magnetism Once You Know How

When you take charge of your stories, instead of your stories controlling you, magic happens.

Opening your heart full and wide - in a safe way, in the right way - will get you to where you want to go.

You already know how easy it is to get stressed out... to get irritated and frustrated and upset.  I'm saying it can be that easy to feel peace and calm and whatever else you want to feel.

The power holding you back is the exact same power you'll use to propel you forward into a life of your choosing.  You just need to claim the energy and take charge of it.

Most people reading this message will say 'that's interesting' - and then go away and forget what they read.  They simply can't hold the concepts I've presented here.  They don't want to take control of their lives.  Not really.

Are you like most people?

Or are you that rare individual who answers the call to adventure?

I am saying I can open your eyes with a simple phone call, but you'll have to overcome your own inner resistance first.  There's a part of you who doesn't want you to talk to me. And there's a part of you who does.

Which voice will you listen to?

To prove I can help you, I'm going to throw in four free bonuses you can start using today to move your life in the direction you want to go.

Yours Free - Four Extra Bonuses Just For Signing Up Today


Bonus #1 - Finally! Know What Really Makes You Tick

  • How To Get Unstuck As You Understand Yourself Like Never Before

    I love to ‘process’ out my thoughts and feelings.  Get out paper and pen and just write whatever comes into my mind when I think about a certain topic.  It’s helped me release so much anger and frustration.

    After countless hours, and thousands of sheets of paper, I’ve streamlined this writing exercise to give you the most bang for the buck.

    It’s called Power Processing.  Here’s how can it help you:

    We’re basically imprisoned in our stories. They surround us and keep us locked in place.  If you’ve even been stuck and didn’t know why, now you do.  It’s due to one or more stories.  Stories you may not even be aware of.

  • With Power Processing, you discover your biggest, baddest, story, even if you’ve never known it before.  Then you take back the energy of it.

    And trust me, if it’s having impact in your life, it’s holding a LOT of your energy!

    After you take back the energy of the story, then you construct a new story, of your choosing.  One that supports you.  Then you pour back all that energy into the new story.

    It’s like programming a navigation system.  You choose where you want to go, and Power Processing helps you to get there.

    I sell this gem for $27 here – – but you get it free when you sign up today to talk to me about changing your emotional magnetism.

Bonus #2 - How To Automatically Feel Whatever You Want

  • Take Whatever You'd Most Like To Feel, And Make That Your Dominant Emotion

    Stop and think about it.  What is your dominant emotion?  What do you feel most of the time?  Is it what you want?

    Imagine.  Let’s say you want to feel more love.  The old way, you would try to find someone or something out in your world to help you feel the love.  Get a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  Get a puppy.  Read a love story.  Watch a special movie.  And so forth.

    The common denominator is that we look outside ourselves for what we really could just feel inside, any time we wanted.  But if I say, ‘feel love, go ahead, you can do it’…. what happens?  For most people, not much.

    They might be able to muster a little feeling of love, but it certainly wouldn’t be enough to bowl them over and it certainly wouldn’t be enough to sustain over time.

    What I want to do is show you how you can create ANY feeling you want, almost any time you want, with little or no effort at all.

    Sound impossible?  Well, how hard is it to feel fear?  What about anger?  Do you have to struggle to feel frustration?  Of course not.  They ‘just happen’.

  • Well, they don’t really just happen.  But the point here is that if you can feel those emotions, you can just as easily feel the ones you WANT to feel.

    The reason we get so angry and frustrated so easily, is because we’ve got a storehouse of anger and frustration already built up inside us.  And now, I’d like to show you how to build up a storehouse of the ‘good’ emotions instead.

    For example, the first emotion I ‘warehoused’ was safety.  I used to feel so scared, so unsafe.  I always felt like some ‘outside authority’  was out to get me.  So I created a rock-solid safety inside me.  Now, I almost always feel completely and totally safe.  And you can too.

    Believe me, it’s easier than you might imagine.  I’ve prepared a short report – no fluff, just the facts you need to know to immediately start building a reservoir inside you, of safety, security, belonging, love, value… whatever you want.

    And it’s available to you as a free bonus when you sign up today for us to talk.

Bonus #3 - Clean Yourself Out On The Inside

  • How To Remove The 'Gunk' Of Old Stories In 5 Minutes

    This third bonus shows you exactly how to get the sludge from those old stories out of you, fast.

    You see, right now, you’ve probably got an accumulation of residue from a lifetime of telling yourself stories about ‘the way life is’.  It’s like really old motor oil in your car.  It looks and smells awful.

    But now, in just a few minutes, you can drain that used motor oil right out of your body.

    Why would you want to do this?  Because the sludge affects your resonance.  It slows you down.  It’s partly creating your reality.  This technique offers one of the quickest, easiest ways to change your resonance for the better.

  • Resonance creates your reality.  The more you work on changing resonance, the better your reality becomes.

    Removing the gunk from old stories offers one of the biggest bangs for the buck, when it comes to changing resonance.  And it’s so easy to do.

    In just a few minutes from now, right after you sign up, you can get this contaminant out of you.  Get a fresh start once you download the short report that explains it all.

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Bonus #4 - The Easiest Way To Change With The Least Amount Of Effort

  • Plant Seeds Of Healing Inside You That Will Change You With Almost No Effort On Your Part

    Imagine spending ONE minute per day to become a new person after a month.

    The fourth free bonus you’ll receive – which you can put to use today – shows you how to plant any type of ‘healing seeds’ you want inside you.

    Who is this for?  Anyone who can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

    Do I ever feel like I don’t belong?

    Does it seem like nothing matters?

  • Do I ever put on an act in front of others because I seek their approval?

    Do I believe I’m not good enough?

    Do I feel like I’m missing out on something, like I’m empty inside?

    Does it seem others are doing better than me?

    Do I feel all alone even around others?

    Does love seem elusive?

    If any of those questions touch you, then you will want to spend one minute a day to create a fundamental inner change at the core of your being.

fade-leftfade-rightUse These 4 Free Gifts To Catapult You Forward

With these four bonuses – which you can put to use today – you can really hit the ground running.  By the time we talk, later this week or next week, you will already notice a shift inside.

I’ve designed these techniques specifically to help you break out of any inertia you may be experiencing.  Start creating change in the next fifteen minutes.

So how much is all this going to cost you today?

Normally, I charge $120 an hour for private coaching.

I sell the Power Processing for $27, and the other three would sell for $12 each, if you could even find them.  Add it all together, and you come up with $183 for the coaching, plus the four bonuses.

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fade-leftfade-rightLet's Review What You Get When You Order Today

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fade-leftfade-rightTotal value - $183   Today's price only $49

I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.  Obviously, I can only talk to so many people.  I urge you to take advantage today, while you still can.

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If you’re not happy, I don’t WANT your money.

ONE Full Year Money Back Guarantee

You’re protected by my iron-clad 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not happy with our private talk for any reason, you have one full year from the date of purchase to request a refund of every penny you paid.  But keep the four free bonuses as my gift to you!

fade-leftfade-rightWhat Happens If You Don't Take Action Now?

What will you miss out on?

When I look back at all the changes I've been able to make, here's what stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Knowing why my buttons get pushed by other people and events in the world... and knowing exactly how to end it.  For good.

That's been priceless to me.  No more frustration.  No more freaking out.  No more walking around scared of my own shadow.

I get to feel what I want, when I want. I don't get pushed off-center like I used to.

I can use my emotional magnetism to draw the things I want to meI don't have to chase things in the world that I want.

Life has become fun, like it's supposed to.  I didn't come here to suffer and struggle.  I don't think you did either.

Our time on this planet goes by so fast.  I want to savor every minute of it.  I invite you to join me.

And to make it irresistible, you can get started for only One Dollar.

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all the best,





Mark Ivar Myhre,

Emotional Healing Coach

PS. - What if you really did have an invisible emotional heart inside you that was longing to be heard?

Would you listen to it?

What if you could change your emotional magnetism starting today?

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I understand.

Imagine if you lived in a world devoid of color.  Instead, everything exists as shades of gray.  Like an old fashioned black and white TV set.

Imagine that’s all you’ve ever known your whole life.  It’s not that bad.  There’s a million shades of gray, and you enjoy them all.  You appreciate the complexity of those shades.  Remember, you’ve never seen color.

And here I come along and try to tell you what it’s like to see color in the world.  How could you possibly believe me?  I can’t even describe color, except to say it’s ‘way better’ than living in black and white.

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