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Get One Hour Coaching, Plus 4 Free Gifts
Total Value - $183
For Only One Dollar Down Payment

asterisk-75Yes! I'm ready for a change.  I want to reduce the stress and start taking control of my life today.  I'm ready to start working with emotional magnetism to get what I want, instead of what I don't want.

I want to take you up on your ONE DOLLAR trial offer.


I realize you are giving me:


coachingcon2One hour private talk where we develop a personalized strategy for my unique situation. $120 value


processinglogo”The Power Processing technique for uncovering and changing my biggest limitation." $27 value


pdflogo”How to make any feeling I want my dominant emotion that I feel almost automatically." $12 value


pdflogo”How to clear out the ’sludge’ and the residue of the old stories that drag me down." $12 value


pdflogo”How to spend one minute per day to be filled with a powerful new energy of my choosing. "$12 value



arrowI understand you will only charge my credit card $1.00 today, and the balance of $48 will only be charged after 7 days, giving me plenty of time to look over the four free bonus gifts, and - hopefully - after I've spoken to you on the phone.

arrowI also understand you cannot guarantee we will talk within the next seven days, but since the average wait time is 4 to 5 days, then there's a good chance we will talk before the seven day trial period is up.

arrowI also understand that I have ONE FULL YEAR to receive a complete refund of every penny I've paid, if I am unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever.  Either way, the four free gifts are mine to keep and use as I wish.

I look forward to talking to you on the phone, and hearing what you have to offer me.  I'm willing to give you a chance, Mark.

arrowI understand you or your assistant will contact me within 24 hours so we can set up a time for us to talk.

On that basis, please charge my card ONE DOLLAR today, and the balance of $48 one week later, unless I decide to cancel, in which case I will owe nothing.

I am clicking the button below to get started, and I am looking forward to reading the four free bonus gifts and applying them into my life, starting today.


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